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Learning Management System

Learning Management System

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e-Learning has become an active field of research and experimentation with remarkable investments from all parts of the world. It refers to Web-based delivery of personalized, comprehensive, dynamic learning contents, aiding the development of communities of knowledge and linking learners and practitioners with experts. Learning Management Systems provide the playground to learners and experts to create and use knowledge, gather analytics and create a learner-centred approach.

eLearning activities are carried out to complement the traditional lectures allowing knowledge acquisition also in special circumstances (e.g. impaired students, absence of teaching structures and required paraphernalia etc.). In some cases, teachers have personal teaching approaches, and in others, students have personal studying approaches. Unlike traditional teaching methods which typically follow a “one size fits all” approach and where the information offered is standardized and equal for everyone, e learning is pliable and well suited to match learner and teacher requirements and pace thus helping people become life-long learners.