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About Our Solution

Institution Management System (ERP) Statewide implementation


About the Client :

The aim of the Department of Higher Education, Haryana is to make Haryana a knowledge-based community by fuelling its Higher Education landscape to respond to both local and global challenges, to create a culture of quality and excellence at the individual and institutional level in all aspects of Higher Education and to encourage highest standards in research and publication. Their focus is to integrate university education with the larger sociological development of the State by building a tie between secondary schools and universities.

About the Project :

The ERP has been designed to cater to the requirements of the colleges for a robust database and MIS reporting for all the students, existing and alumni. Right from admission to fee, scholarship, examination and evaluation, complaints and grievances, placement, employee and asset management are done through a very user-friendly interface. The ERP ensures that there is minimum data entry and the records of all students and employees are safe at all times.

Technology Stack :

  • LEMP (Linux / nGinx/MySQL/PHP) Stack