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About Our Solution

Construction and Warranty Management System

What is Builder Mate?

Save time, work faster, and improve efficiency with Builder Mate, your construction and Home warranty management system that allows you to automate and manage the complete process of complaints from a single dashboard in order to function in accordance with the Tarion. The system facilitates easy construction management. The builder can easily allocate tasks to the concerned vendor, generate an estimate for the client. The client can hence approve the task and manage the payment based on the invoice raised by the builder. As a builder, you can communicate and track the progress of the vendors involved in all projects and lots right up to the sign-off to ensure complete transparency. Not only can your vendor’s WSIBs be uploaded, but you also get notified before their expiry dates. And, as an added advantage you the builder are able to recover back charges from vendors when and where necessary. Quit worrying, and trust your mate.
  • Auto text and email notifications
  • Performance analysis and monitoringli>
  • Design marketing emailers
  • Documentation storage
  • Flawless payment management
  • Documentation storage
  • Reporting and analytics